ELA by Daniela is a collection of resortwear designed for the traveler at heart. To elevate your wardrobe in an effortless way. For the feminine, seeking confidence, elegance and joy. For the curious and conscious. Inspired by the spirit of Africa.

Founded by Daniela Canny in 2022, ELA is based in Cape Town, South Africa. Daniela was born and raised in the tropical coastal town of Durban, and later grew wings that landed her in Cape Town. It is Africa that holds her heart, inspires her love of travel and culture and art. She is a creative at heart.

ELA is a slow fashion brand, handmade with love and care, by a talented group of local artisans. We focus on small batch collections, with limited designs, sizes and colours with the aim of moving away from mass consumerism. Born out of a love for quality fabrics and beautiful pieces to last you a lifetime. We only make a handful of each style to ensure minimal waste, and do our best to tread as lightly as possible on our beautiful planet.